Sweet Puppy.... as long as she's sleeping

Why Penny-Pound?

Penny wise and pound foolish... it's an age old saying that basically means that one is exceptionally frugal on small things but blows big sums of money frivolously.  I decided to take this saying and adapt it to my own needs, because this is the internet and I can do that.

Penny Wise
I love to talk about my dog Penny. She's the smartest, sweetest, bestest dog around, albeit slightly obstinate (she can't help it, she's a hound dog). She's also spoiled rotten, because until my husband and I get around to pro-creating, we treat this sweet doggie like a kid. And I learn so much from her every day. So some element of this blog will be me expounding theories about what her antics are teaching me about life. I will also be showing off adorable pictures and bragging a little bit. Because that's what moms do.

Pound Foolish
I have been "trying" to shed some extra weight for years now. YEARS. And I suck at it. I have no will power, or staying power, for that matter. I am good at doing something for a week or two, and then I get distracted by something silly, or have a particularly hectic week that prevents a trip to the grocery store so there I am, in the drive-thru getting a McChicken biscuit on my way to work and I'm off the wagon until I notice the pounds creeping back up. Therefore, I consider myself to be quite pound foolish.