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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun With Words

I'm sitting here, wide awake on a Friday night while my hubby is off in dream land for a while.  He is going through a pretty big thing at work right now and was up until 1 am this morning on the phone trying to trouble shoot a problem (after working about 11 hours), then went into work at 6 am, got home after 7 pm, and was on the phone most of the evening trouble shooting  more problems.  One of the guys that works for him is supposed to call again around midnight, so he's trying to catch a nap incase he needs to go in to troubleshoot again.  It's overwhelming for this pregnant wife and I am glad we only have about 4 more weeks of this!

I, on the other hand, while awake during his midnight and 1 am phone calls, slept until 9 and then took a giant nap after I had lunch with my parents.    So rather than bother him or keep him awake, I grabbed a pillow and a cozy blanket and Penny and I are snuggled together in the recliner watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  I am not sure why in the world I decided grabbing a blanket was a good idea.  In case you are unaware, pregnancy makes you hotter than blue blazes.  I was unaware of this until I started to have hot flashes.  Good gooley-moogley.  Add a 40 pound lap-furnace and I'm toasty over here.  The blanket is now being used as an arm prop instead.

In addition to watching the Olympics, I am cruising the blogs that I make a point to follow.  One in particular I frequently read is my lovely friend Darby from Life With the Hawleys.  I may have mentioned this before, but Darby and I went to college together and worked in the same office.  I love her style and reading her blog and aspire to be as good at blogging as she is!  Anywho, she did a Wordle post, and I thought it would be fun to do one too!!  So, here is my Penny Wise & Pound Foolish Wordle.

Clearly, I talk about teaching and my pregnancy a lot.  I thought it was pretty cool!  They are fun to do, just go to and you can create your own!  I wish I could do this with my texts... I wonder what words would come up the most!  What words would come up the most if you could make one with your texts... or better yet, Facebook statueses?!

I'm currently taking pictures so I can write a post about my kitchen.  It will definitely be a two part post, because I'll have to do the "before" and "after" pictures!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I like your wordle and can't wait to see those before & after shots from your kitchen :-)
    Hope you're having an awesome weekend girl!