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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Penny Wise #1 - Pure Excitement for the Outside

Every morning, Penny blots outside with sheer happiness and joy.  You would think the poor dog was locked up tight for days inside and only let outside for a few moments a week.  Totally not true.  She's just that happy to be outside.  When I take her for a walk, she prances down the stairs, puts her muzzle in the air with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, big doggie smile on her face, and just takes it all in for a few seconds.  And then she bolts off for the sidewalk, all 38 pounds of her trying to rip my arm out of it's socket.  

Once she's tested my reflexes, she calms down a bit but still wants to travel at a nice clip.  She has to explore everything; every stick, every bush, every strange object that people have left on the sidewalk.  And of course, she has to mark her territory over the last dog's territorial claims.  We go on the same path almost daily, but each day Penny views it as a new and marvelous world to explore.

Dear ones, this is such an amazing take on life, I tell ya.  I've never seen anyone, person or canine, be so enthralled with something so routine.  And, she's such a better dog when I take her for a daily walk.  I'd like to think I'm a better person for taking a daily walk.  I'm healthier, for sure, and it helps me clear my head and transition from work time to at-home time.  That Penny... she's a smart one.

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