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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pound Foolish #1 - Naughty, Naughty

So, I am currently doing my student teaching internship at a elementary school in Hampton.  I was at a staff meeting one day and read some data gathered through a survey given to the fifth graders about what they liked and didn't like about their school.  One kid wrote "THE FOOD IS NAUGHTY".  Caps included.  Which put me in a fit of giggles, I barely composed myself in time for the meeting to start.  I found it hilarious on so many levels.  On the one hand, the lessons taught in language arts about synonyms got through to this kid.  However. s/he must have been asleep during the part about syntax.  Or, maybe there is some stuff going on that I don't know about in the cafeteria.  I mean, I haven't been at this particular school during lunch.  Maybe the food causes some drama..... the carrots simply refuse to mingle with the peas; hot dogs refuse to be placed on a stick and dunked in batter... flat out chaos.

However, after my giggles died down and I started to think about it in terms of my struggle with eating healthy.  The food IS naughty.  I mean seriously.  If a person tempted us, made us struggle against our will power, and did something to adversely affect our health, they would be considered a bad influence.  Afterall, peer pressure is naughty.  And succumbing to a craving is sort of like peer pressure, right?  Ipso facto - Food is naughty.

Maybe this kid is on to something.........

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