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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, I stepped on the scale today for the first time in probably a month.  Mostly because my kitchen (where the scale is) is pretty much inaccessible right now because my husband and I ripped out the carpet in the living room and sanded, stained, and poly'ed the hardwood floor underneath.  When we put the furniture back, we *only* put back the couch, recliner, and TV.  It's a wonderful new look, but all of the "junk" that had piled up over the past three years wound up in the kitchen and is there until the POD is delivered tomorrow.

Anyway, that was a little off track, but like I was saying, I pulled out the scale today.  I was terrified of what I would see, I was pretty sure I gained a ton of weight because since all of the junk wound up in my kitchen, the hubby and I have been eating out a lot, and at least twice last week my dinner consisted of an ice cream sandwich and chips.  However, I've LOST about five pounds.  FIVE!  Yay! 

That invigorated me like you cannot even imagine.  Especially since I have this whole plan about how I am going to lose weight while I'm student teaching.  Speaking of which, I have an hour before I need to go to ST today, I should make a grocery list..... school starts next week, and I need to start packing lunches!  I am so nervous about the kids starting, every time I think about it, I want to throw up.  My friend keeps reminding me I taught high school seniors for two months all by myself while I was subbing, so student teaching shouldn't phase me, which gives me some relief, but I'm still so anxious about my student teaching experience! 

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